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Grace Kingsley

Yes with flower
My #1 Belief: Say YES to the Universe. It’s always saying YES to you! It tries like crazy to give you stuff. Don’t resist. Get out of the way!

I doodled this YES in college. I got it! I laminated it when it aged to preserve it. I’m thinking that’s not an option for preserving you and me. But I know how to get Younger! I’ll teach you. Often I see young people who are old. I can help. Say this to help: YES

I have been in the Healing Arts, in a number of modalities, for 40 years. I have been trained extremely well. I’ve met and worked with luminaries, the best, in this field. I am qualified. And I am passionate about the Vision of Radiant Health for my clients. It’s 100% doable.

I have wanted to help in a spiritual way since I was ten. For about a New York minute I wanted to be a nun. It was the ‘obedient’ thing I had trouble with. The ‘religious’ thing didn’t quiet connect either, but the ‘spiritual’ thing, now that snagged me. It’s my path, I am good at it. Well, I mean I’m passionate about it.

So, given my background, the plentiful training information, and given my personal and Spiritual lifestyle – much of which can be gleaned on this site, follow your intuition, your gut, and your heart. And you will sense if I’m right for you. I am available to answer questions and speak with you personally, of course. Many Blessings to you, today.

Online Review:
Great place to meet Grace – Jan 19, 2009
A wonderful healing center run by grace….not just the presence of divinity, but a women named Grace owns and operates the center….it’s rather fitting. I’ve participated in around half a dozen colonics with Grace and I am very fortunate that I found this wonderful healing women.
She is knowledgeable on raw foods and all sorts of other healing. She once worked with Dr. Gabriel Cousens (a raw superhero) and has a background in reiki. I received a reiki massage from her and found it to be very meaningful and beautiful.
I’m a raw foodist and am very concerned with global health. I recommend that you check out Grace and her little healing shop for all your hydrotherapy needs. -Michael