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An article about Grace Kingsley

Ms. Kingsley has been committed to practicing the healing arts since 1982. Her practice encompasses her training as an ordained Essene Priest, Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist, I-ACT and NBCHT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Nutritional Consultant, and Certified Raw Foods Instructor. She facilitates Juice Fasting Retreats and is creator of the Phoenix Program and Aging Hot a different frequency.

As an assistant to Dr. Gabriel Cousens (Conscious Eating, Rainbow Diet, Sevenfold Peace) she learned various healing modalities and was also ordained an Essene Priest by Dr. Cousens. She studied nutrition at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Ms. Kingsley, a meditator, a laugher, with 80% of her diet raw foods, is dedicated to the Freedom and Courage to follow Personal Inspiration for herself, her family, and those who come to her for healing services. She is devoted to her beloved daughter, Thea, and to the continual opening of the Heart.

In the Hindu Tradition, Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and the bringer of joy. A deity often symbolized in the form of a uniquely inspired elephant; Ganesh is invoked at the beginning of any new enterprise and remains at the forefront of mystical philosophies and endeavors around the world. For Grace Kingsley, founder and director of the Petaluma Healing Arts & Rejuvenation Center, there was never a more apt metaphor for her work.”What we’re doing here is seriously interested in your health and in your energy and in the quality of your daily life.” Kingsley continues, “I’m interested in clarity. When you have clarity, your fears start to disappear.” A yoga instructor and massage therapist for 28 years, Kingsley has expanded her practice to incorporate Reiki, colon hydrotherapy, food allergy and sensitivity testing, nutritional consultation and “Aging Hot – a different frequency™” – a quantum health and spirit approach to a the quality of your life.

“A great way to begin a real transformation is a fast,” says Kingsley. The week-long juice fasting retreat includes fresh organic juices, meditation, yoga, teaching, breathing exercises and nature walks—all in Petaluma. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity of spending time at the Calistoga Mineral Baths and a hike in Bear Valley. Most fasting retreats will find people paying large amounts of money and having to travel far from civilization to reap the benefits of the program. Kingsley saw a need to bring the process closer to home so more people than ever could experience its potential benefits. According to Kingsley, “The beauty of this is that you can stay at home, Usually people will go away, but I’m trying to demystify this thing and say that this is OK.” Kingsley continues, “At the end you have no addictions. You may have emotional attachments to addictions, but you have no physical addictions left after that week.” The fasting retreat has been heralded as the best first step for those interested in a total renewal through holistic health. For those interested in learning more abut the nature of physical spiritual balance it is an all inclusive program and, notes Kingsley, benefits people through enabling them to overcome fear, bringing them closer to their spiritual selves. `Says Kingsley, “This is about giving you a taste of what it can be like to live with clarity and vision,” The Petaluma Healing Arts & Rejuvenation Center opened August, 2000 and has been receiving excellent word of mouth throughout Sonoma and Marin County.

“When I first signed up for here class I was skeptical,” says Sue Shriver, “But I came out realizing it was a wonderful program and well worth the time. Even skeptics will be satisfied.”

An expert at massage, the praise for Kingsley’s nature and touch is overwhelming.

“She’s a wonderful woman,” says Susan Dwyer who swears by Kinglsey’s massages. “She has magic fingers. She knows exactly what your body needs and always leaves your body and soul feeling better.”

According to Barbara Morrison, the fasting retreat works wonders.

“It’s a really positive experience, and helps generate a very high level of energy. The fasting retreat leaves you squeaky clean from the inside out,” says Morrison.

Highly skilled multiple methods, Kingsley’s massages range in type from integrative intuitive massage, river stone massage, Egyptian emotional cleansing treatment and massage to raindrop therapy and Reiki massage. She also teaches Reiki certification.

Though committed to the healing arts since 1982, Kingsley also found time to develop a career in theater, in which she participated professionally in New York for many years before moving to California. Once in Petaluma, she assisted homeopathic medical doctor Gabriel Cousens, who worked here for 12 years. A Reiki master, Kingsley is also a licensed massage therapist, I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist, nutritional consultant and certified raw foods instructor and an ordained Essene priest. The Essene practices underlie her personal spiritual philosophy and dedication to her work.

According to Kingsley, “The Essenes were at the time of Christ and before. So they embraced the Judaism and the Christianity together. But, its not really about a religion,” Kingsley continues, “They were the healers. They were the raw fooders. They were the ones who refused to fight and the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were essentially the purifiers. They wanted pure food in their body, raw food. Definitely vegetarians.”

Instruction in raw food preparation is a major part of Kingsley’s practice, By definition; raw food is food that is not heated above 105 degrees. The underlying idea is that heated food loses its nutrients and is therefore not particularly healthy. Kingsley can help people make a gradual and full movement towards total health, the cornerstone of which is a healthy diet. Additionally, she teaches small groups at her home how to make the transition to delicious and nutrient packed vegetarian cuisine.

A somewhat misunderstood aspect of the healing arts is colon hydrotherapy. According to Kingsley, “This vision is about removing obstacles. Colon hydrotherapy does it in a very physical way.” Continues Kingsley, “This is a way of taking care of the other end of the digestive tract.”

“The truth of it is that after years the colon’s lining is like leather. The other thing is that nutrients, the few that you get from you cooked food, cannot get through.” She continues, “When you hydrate the colon, colon hydrotherapy, it loosen it up.”

Colon hydrotherapy reportedly increases energy and has a number of other positive health benefits including clearer skin and relief from impaction and joint stiffness, such that even die-hard skeptics may find themselves loosening up to it.

Kingsley’s advice for beginners is simple.

“Do one thing at a time. When that works and you feel comfortable with that, you try something else,” Kingsley says knowing that true transformations is sometimes gradual.

“Try fruit for breakfast and a salad for lunch,” says Kingsley. After that, a regular dinner, a gradual move toward organics and an eventual focusing on a higher percentage of raw food. The importance of going organic can be demonstrated clearly, according to Kingsley with the fact that peanuts have approximately 158 pesticides in them as they are currently processed.

“It’s what you can’t see that you need to think about,” says Kingsley.

The culmination of Kingsley’s practice is the Phoenix Program which combines all aspects of her services. An individually tailored transformational program. Phoenix takes into account all aspects of the person mentally, physically and spiritually.

transformational program. These Programs take into account all aspects of the person mentally, physically and spiritually.