Colon Hydrotherapy Testimonials

Treasured Testimonials over the years…

Grace Kinglsey and Colon Hydrotherapy saved my life. Because serious mistakes were made while I was in the hospital for an accident, my digestive tract was trashed. After three straight weeks of four overlapping antibiotics, general anesthesia and trauma due to a blocked gastric canal, I was released.

Like most people, I knew nothing about how the digestive system works. Whenever I ate anything, food would just sort of sit there and make me sick with diarrhea or I would throw it up. By the time I learned how to restore my system to its proper balance, I was already infected with all sorts of opportunistic bad bacteria and became sick very fast.

As well as providing me with the support and great information about the important role of diet, Grace helped rid my body of massive amounts of toxins. By combining a new diet with regular visits for hydro colon therapy, I eventually got well. More than anything or anyone else, I credit Grace for making it happen.

-Robin Reese, San Francisco, CA

I came to Grace Kingsley as an alternative to scheduling a colonoscopy. I was constipated more often than not, and produced what I can only describe as little rabbit pellets. I thought I was a pretty healthy eater, but what was going in was definitely not coming out. I went in to see Grace for what I thought would be a few colonics, and walked out the door eager to cleanse, colonic, and eat raw! Grace has a wonderful, joyful way about her, and her dedication and enthusiasm for what she does is infectious. I wanted to be as lively and energetic as she is! With juicer, blender, and other goodies in hand, I embarked on an amazing adventure. When I completed my cleanse five weeks later, I felt like a new, improved version of myself. Not only had my digestion vastly improved, I became as regular as clockwork. Without really trying, I lost all kinds of food cravings and lost 15 pounds and 2 pant sizes in the process. I thought that I felt pretty good before I started, until I discovered what it’s like to feel GREAT! What a joy! Grace was with me every step of the way. She is kind, loving, supportive, knowledgeable, and professional. She is perfect at what she does. I also had a divine massage from Grace during my cleanse, to help with the detoxification process. At one point I felt an amazing tingling sensation, from my head to my toes. It was quite wonderful, and Grace explained that this was due to the cleansing work I had done, and that my body was more open to having the energy flow right through. All I can say is…magnificent!

-Heidi Geffin, Sonoma, CA

The cleansing program under Grace’s supervision was incredibly wonderful! My life was filled with many digestion problems (stomach aches, gas, bloating, cramps, constipation, distended abdomen and headaches).It seemed as though anything I ate was hurting my stomach and getting worse as I was getting older. I thought I might have a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions. And when Grace suggested the Ejuva program, which she tailored especially for my sensitive body type, I became very excited and decided to make the commitment. So I combined hydrotherapy sessions with Ejuva, lots of water, more raw foods, freshly juiced vegetables, the superfood pure synergy, enzymes, chewing my food well and the incredible love and support from Grace, for an amazing life and body changing experience in less than 3 months! Now I rarely have stomach aches, bloating, gas, constipation or headaches. I love my 75% raw food diet, my champion juicer, my increased energy level, losing 10 pounds, and yes, even the unexpected and delightful benefit of an increased libido. But what I love the most is the loving relationship and heart connection I have with this amazing woman.

Thank you Grace, from the bottom of my colon.

-Marilyn LoRusso, Novato, CA

This wonderful healing center is run by grace….not just the presence of divinity, but a women named Grace owns and operates the center….it’s rather fitting. I’ve participated in around half a dozen colonics with Grace and I am very fortunate that I found this wonderful healing women.

She is knowledgeable on raw foods and all sorts of other healing. She once worked with Dr. Gabriel Cousins (a raw superhero) and has a background in reiki. I received a reiki massage from her and found it to be very meaningful and beautiful.

I’m a raw foodist and am very concerned with global health. I recommend that you check out Grace and her healing center for all your hydrotherapy needs.


With the help of Grace, hydrotherapy sessions, and the body cleansing program, I am a new person! I was not only able to shed 35 unwanted pounds (without cravings!), but I feel better than ever before in my life! Grace is a wealth of information. I have learned so much about my body. I’ll take this new knowledge with me the rest of my life. Thank you Grace.

-Deborah Marsh, Petaluma, CA

The Ejuva cleanse is the most proactive step I have taken in my personal health care regime. I am a slow starter and slow to change, but after 3 cleanses and a total of two years, my eating habits have improved dramatically … along with my energy level, weight management, and overall well-being. My M.D. was amazed by my nearly perfect ratio of HDL to LDL at my last cholesterol screening. I don’t always achieve my goal of 80% live food per day, but I am always over 50%. My energy level and mental clarity are quick to inform me of the need to be more disciplined.

Each Ejuva cleanse has brought me to a new level of discipline in “eating to live”. However, this last cleanse produced an unusual result … something I had read in other testimonials but didn’t dwell on. Grace has a poster in her bathroom that two years ago I could read without needing my reading glasses. Over the past two years my need for reading glasses has greatly increased. When I began my third cleanse, I could not read anything but the largest print without my glasses. Towards the end of the cleanse, I had an uncomfortable release … once in the bathroom I looked up and realized I could read the poster again without needing my glasses! I was astonished. Three weeks later I have not seen a relapse in my eyesight. I do still need reading glasses for fine print, but I no longer feel I need to return to my optometrist for a stronger prescription.

I also decided to add the gallbladder/liver flush to the end of this cleanse. My family history led me to expect that I would most likely pass stones. Both Grace and I were astonished to see what we estimated to be in the area of 200 stones pass through the tube, several as large as grapes. I continued to pass stones at home, I estimate approximately 100 more, and again several of those were large … one the size of a small walnut. I have reached new heights in my energy level and feelings of wellness. This is a step that I will include annually.

Exercise is definitely an important facet of physical health and wellness, but I have come to believe that it takes second place (but still must occur!) in my life. First and foremost is eating correctly and regular cleansing/hydrocolonics. Ejuva and Grace will be a part of my life as long as I reside in Sonoma County.

-Sandy Jaeger (age 45), Petaluma, CA

In September, I visited Grace Kingsley at the Petaluma Healing Arts and Rejuvenation Center to consult with her about detoxifying. My main concerns were anxiety, a rash that would not go away, and difficulty digesting my food. She suggested a Cleansing Program. I went through the month long cleanse with Grace’s constant guidance, tips, and especially with the aid of colonics, and felt like a new person. I felt so good eating the raw food diet, that I continued to eat raw. I have not been sick once in that time, do not have lulls in my day, feel more rounded, and have more energy than ever. I run four miles a day and swim one and a half miles two to three times a week. But what really convinced me that this is the way to live was training for and completing a 150 mile bicycle ride, all while eating raw food. I am convinced that the “Long Distance Runner” cleanse under Grace’s reprogramming made it possible for me to so efficiently use the pure and beautiful energy that vegetables have to ! offer us. Grace is caring, informed, and intuitive to the needs of the individual and how to make the program a success with continuous inspiration.

-Mary Robson, Santa Rosa, CA

Hi Grace: Hope you are doing well. Thanks for the nice message you left me after we met last, it really meant a lot to me because you know how hard I worked on the program. I am still following and almost through with the Ejuva. When I have eaten things not on the plan my stomach does not like it so I am sticking close to the Phase one and feel fantastic. I feel light, slim and have calm energy. I have recommended you t o so many people when they ask whit is different about me.

You are an amazing person and I am so lucky to have crossed paths with you. You were a wonderful teacher and coach to me as I went through my cleansing journey. After my first hydro colonic all my stomach problems were gone and have not come back. People approach me and ask me what kind of ab exercises I do and I giggle to myself. I feel I am a much better person physically, mentally and spiritually because of you and the program and I can never thank you enough.

I’ll be in touch soon for more products so please let me know of any sales.

Warm Regards,

-Kathy Reddick, Rohnert Park, CA

Dear Grace, You are a very gifted and learned lady. You had really good intuition and instincts with me. I feel I am not just another person who is treated exactly the same. The six sessions of colon hydrotherapy and the program you put me on were successful on a lot of different levels. Thank you very much for the great books and great products. The Ejuva program was great (as you know)!

-L. Woodbury, Napa, CA

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for doing what you do …

thank you. After playing around with this raw food concept for over a year, my body, mind and spirit were finally ready, and I’ve been 70-80% raw for about 6 weeks now. It’s resulted in some significant changes in my body, mind & spirit. Thank you for making me aware of this option. Before meeting you I had no idea of how sick I was (and still am). I didn’t know this lifestyle existed. This is profound for me. Thanks Grace,


Grace is totally professional, extremely gentle, very tuned in and present, and a storehouse of information not only regarding colon hydrotherapy but nutrition. My initial session with her was like two sessions with anyone else in terms of the treatment I received and the information I gleaned. I feel ready to make excellent decisions regarding my next move toward better health, energy and clarity.

-R. Davis

I just want to thank you again for the amazing and inspiring colon hydrotherapy sessions. It was a good suggestion for me to do the series of six, as I never would have gotten to the deeper layers of release without them.

Many thanks for your support and healing.

Very truly yours,

-Lisa Williamson, Sonoma, CA

Gratitude is the thing I feel the most about the colon hydrotherapy treatments. There is a lot of relief of problems and common sense approaches I learned. I am glad she is around to consult with and to guide me in my next phase toward health.

-J.L. Minton