Reiki Healing Testimonials

Treasured Testimonials over the years…

NOTATION: I have made it a policy NOT to accept testimonials for Reiki treatments. It is, after all, a form of prayer, beyond assessment, to my sensibilities. I am simply the facilitator, the assistant. However, I have saved one for my teaching.

Dear Grace,
It was a pleasure and an honor to participate in your Reiki clinic. The day was fun, informative and filled with emotions. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to learn about the ancient form of prayer and be able to use it in my life. As I continue on my spiritual path, the experience of grounding myself in unconditional love was very powerful. It is difficult to describe the sense of joy I felt as I was initiated into Reiki I. The pure energy and love was overwhelming.Thank you for sharing your wisdom and healing touch with me. I appreciate your patience and encouraging words.

With Reiki love, Terry M., Petaluma, CA