radiant health is an inside job


I have always loved the word epiphany. The Dictionary defines it as: a moment of sudden revelation or insight. Origin: Middle English: from Greek epiphainein ‘reveal.’

from The Essential Kabbalah by Daniel Matt, “An Epiphany enables you to sense creation not as something completed, but as constantly becoming, evolving, ascending. This transports you from a place where there is nothing new to a place where there is nothing old, where everything renews itself, where heaven and earth rejoice as at the moment of Creation.”

For me, Grace Kingsley, an Epiphany is the experiencing of a Knowing. Something, perhaps that we knew intellectually, but now we feel it and experience it in every part of our being. It is an awakening. It is a moment of ‘Ah-ha!,’ of recognition, of a small (or large) enlightenment, of a Truth that changes us forever. This is what I want for you. Many clients have felt this in my programs. They awaken to a self that feels better than they have in years, perhaps they have never felt like this! It is the ingestion and absorption of small miracles. Once this is experienced, it can never be taken from you; you will be different.

You can make magic and miracles.
-Grace Kingsley