Food Allergy & Sensitivity

I’ve been a Nutritional Consultant Teaching Raw Food Preparation and creating Personalized Diets for fifteen years. I tried this saliva testing for a number of years but for the time being I have decided to put it on hold for a number of reasons:

I did the test on myself and sent it in. Without getting into details… and for whatever the reasons, the test was inaccurate as to important information for me.

I felt that I could not ethically or morally continue this particular saliva testing.
I believe in all honesty, that I could help people – thru proper nutrition – to eliminate or make less severe some allergies and/or sensitivities.

When you clean up your diet, you have a wonderful opportunity to see exactly what remains, i.e. what is left over – that needs more or different attention, than I can give. In which case I have a number of homeopathic practitioners to whom I could eagerly and responsibly refer a client.