My Relaxing Massage Therapy Room in beautiful Petaluma, CA

From my roots, in 1978, as a Certified Shivananda Yoga Instructor, I moved into bodywork. I became licensed in 1982, with 700 hours initial training, and a physician prepared State exam. My training: New York City’s prestigious Swedish Institute; a California certification in Thai Massage. I’ve been a formidable therapist for 27 years.

Massage Therapy Petaluma


I do a personalized blend of Swedish, Shiatsu, and Thai Massage. The focus is on Swedish. I include breath work, Pranayama, if desired.

I am proficient at light massage to deep tissue (see below). My clients range from professional dancers, body builders, wrestlers, runners, to the elderly (90 was the eldest) and/or infirm, expectant mothers, and children (with parent present). Massages are to client specifications.


Deep Tissue Massage focuses on deeper layers of the muscle tissue. The goal is to release chronic tension patterns in the body. The work is deep, and yet, because it is slow, the pressure enters the contracted areas deeply in a very zen like way. The therapist can work with the fiber of muscle, tendon, fascia by movements across it, follow it, and deeply into it.

The purpose is to release muscle tension that has been around for a while – chronic tension. Slow work is effective. It gives time to allow deeper work. Deep tissue massage is also effective as an aid to breaking up and eliminating scar tissue.

This type massage most often focuses on specific areas. Any soreness which ensues should not last more than a day or two. I always recommend a form of water therapy: hot tub, steam, sauna, and especially just soaking in a tub with epsom salts.

A chiropractor I worked with in New York, was speaking with a client who was doubtful I could work deeply enough to suit him because I was small. The chiropractor quoted Shakespeare (see right column quote). It was one of those moments. I had played the character of Hermia in Midsummer Night’s Dream. This quote was said in reference to her in the play; and now, about me. Type casting!

But Remember: I am equally adept at working lightly.


I use fabulous moist heat, clay and sand, chiropractic packs, for neck, abdomen, and back. People love these packs. You get the deepest, most therapeutic kind of heat. They relax your mind as well as your muscles, and enable deeper work.

A choice of Essential Oil is used with your treatment, if desired.

Truly beautiful environment and beautiful music.

Unprecedented quality of Massage as a Healing Art modality. You will be noodlized. And happy.


There is no denying the power of bodywork. Regardless of the adjectives we assign to it (pampering, rejuvenating, therapeutic) or the reasons we seek it out (a luxurious treat, stress relief, pain management), massage therapy can be a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen.

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If you have yet to visit downtown Petaluma then you are in for a treat. This quaint but classy city has great restaurants, shopping and even a riverway running through the center. Getting your massage therapy done in Petaluma will be an enjoyable experience both during and after your session. Grace chose to settle in Petaluma because of it’s earthy yet sophisticated charm. Come visit Grace and get some of the best massage therapy in Petaluma and Sonoma County.