Massage Testimonials

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For ten years now, my experience at Petaluma Healing Arts & Rejuvenation Center has been a very positive one. I have been enjoying my massages which make me feel very relaxed, nurtured, and rejuvenated. My request for the deep body work has been therapeutic for me both physically as well as emotionally. The hydroculator moist heat packs penetrate deep into your body and were also initially a very big draw for coming to Grace. I highly recommend Grace as a therapist and look forward to my next session.

-R. Ravnikar

Grace is the most gifted massage therapist I have ever worked with. After having received literally hundreds of massages, I have yet to work with anyone who has Grace’s instinctual gift for how to help heal the body. I have had dramatic results in both my emotional and physical well being since starting my work with her. I would recommend her without reservation

-Brian, Mill Valley, CA

I have been coming to Grace for massage on a regular basis for seven years. She’s a wonderful woman. She has magic fingers. She knows exactly what your body needs and always leaves your body and soul feeling better. I really like the weight of the moist deep heat packs and like the essential oils, too.

-Susan Dwyer

Massage offered by Grace Kingsley is the most satisfying massage I have ever had. In Ms. Kingsley’s deft, intuitive and experienced hands, the hot packs offer at once deep release of the body and scintillating awakening of the skin. It is a top notch session that should not be missed.

-Bennett Smith

Grace, Just a brief not to thank you for the most wonderful massages. In fact they have been the best I have ever received. Your unique sense of pressure is remarkable, knowing when to go deep and sensing when its enough! I have found a new sense of relaxation and stress relief through your work. Again, I can’t thank you enough.

-David Speyer

I have been a fortunate recipient of the skills of Grace Kingsley. She gives a most relaxing, caring and professional massage. Her techniques always address personal concerns and needs. She caters to the individuality of her clients so that one feels very special and appreciated. The chiropractic hot packs are also very special. She is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in her work. She has been my massage therapist for many years.

-Florence Moon

Thoroughly relaxing with the weight of the heat, and stimulating at the same time. I look forward to another session soon.

-M. Linden, Pt. Reyes Station, CA