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In 1978, while Yoga at Serenity Yoga Center, upper West Side, New York City, we had an amazing guest, at that time a Super Star, but nobody knew it yet, not even him. This was Viktorus Kulvinskas (more below). He seemed weird looking to me and was doing strange things with raw veggies. I only had to observe briefly to know ‘This is it!’ I did not know what the heck he was doing, I just knew it was for me. This was the beginning of wheat grass, green juices, sprouts, raw food. I’m talking late seventies. He was moving the world. And I was there to witness. Nice memory. I was in the right place at the right time. Everything changed after that for me. I was on a new path. I would create this new path, this new environment in which to rear my daughter. I have pictures of her surrounded by trays of wheat grass. I must find them. I had two bathrooms in my New York apartment. One of them was devoted to hydroponically growing all kinds of sprouts. A five and a half foot tall set up in the bathtub; six drawers of sprouts, lights on the shower curtain rod burning 24/7. Kid you not.


With luminaries such as Gabriel Cousens – Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Brian Clement – Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Viktoras Kulvinskas – Hippocrates in Boston, Elaina Love, Cherie Soria, and James Reese (of personal assistance to my own balancing). I had taken so many nutritional classes and I became qualified to help persons with elimination diets, diets which are balanced for your Aurevedic body type, understanding how people with present intolerance for raw foods may learn to include more raw foods. And learning how to include smaller portions of steamed vegetables and — pending a client’s personal needs and preferences — small amounts of fish or poultry, possibly minimal specific low-mucus grains, etc, to find what works! Here’s my training:

Viktorus Kulvinskus

Co-founder with Ann Wigmore (mother of wheatgrass) of the original Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston. Viktoras taught Raw food Workshops at Serenity Yoga Center in New York City where I was an instructor. He was my first introduction to raw foods as a lifestyle. It was virtually unknown at that time. It was exciting and I bought it instantly.

Viktoras Kulvinskas is the author of the sensational, trend-setting, transformational, 70’s book: Survival into the Twentyfirst Century. Viktoras is a Star, a Hall of Famer. Thank you, Victoras, for years of service. Thank you for exciting, beautiful misty memories. You Rock!

Don’t miss following Video of my first teacher (mid ’70s). He speaks of heros Ann Wigmore and Norman Walker.

Formal Nutritional Training at Hippocrates Health Institute

West Palm Beach, Florida, under the directorship of Brian Clement.

The year they opened, I was there for over six weeks. Anna Marie had her 2 year old little girl in a play pen. Being brand new, and necessarily cheaper, I had this incredible room with a hot tub and lots of amenities. The classes were superb, Florida was a treat, all this raw food, juicing wheat grass, sprouts, implants, yoga, you name it, we did it. So much energy we were playing frizbe at 3 in the morning. Just BUZZING.

Assistant to Dr. Gabriel Cousens Author of Conscious Eating

Gabriel CousensGabriel Cousens was my most influential teacher in terms of the Raw food lifestyle & some aspects of spirituality. He is, without reservation, the finest Raw Food guru/teacher in existence. He has done extensive work in many arenas. Thank you Gabriel. I’m honored.

When my daughter was four, I was looking to move out of the city. I adored New York, but raising a child as a single parent, you begin looking around for something else. I was in a book store in New York and Rainbow Diet by Gabriel Cousens dropped off the shelf, in that ‘way’, you know. It began everything. I read it, I called, he was giving work shops in the city or surrounding areas. I went to several, I hosted a Zero Point workshop, I asked him if he needed any help in Petaluma. The answer was yes, and we moved to Petaluma.

Participation in numerous of Dr. Cousens‘ Training Programs: Raw Food Preparation, Fasting Retreats, Nutritional Training, Reiki Training, Essene Training, Zero Point Training

Eventually Gabriel moved to Arizona to create Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. So, there I was in Petaluma. “Great place to raise kids” a man on the plane had said when I was flying out to live there, not knowing one thing about California. Talk about ‘going on Faith!’. Night sweats. High anxiety. Out on a limb. Far out. And so it goes and here I am.

Give yourself a treat. Watch his wonderful videos

With Cherie Soria: Two Raw Food Preparation Certifications,
Live Culinary Arts Associate Instructor

Cherie Soria is the Queen of Raw Foods, hands down. I have since taught many classes in Raw Food Preparation. At present, I have taken a hiatus from teaching as my plate is very full and some of us know the intensity of conducting a raw food preparation class! Oye! Perhaps this is why my former husband used to say that my favorite thing to make for dinner was… Reservations ;-> When we were married, he once surrounded the kitchen with yellow crime scene tape! In defense: my classes were actually fabulous (see testimonials). I am adept at putting on a good show, but it’s not where my passion is. When really good raw crackers came on the market, I was in deep ecstasy!

Elaina Love

Three Day Private Raw Food Preparation & Nutrition Training


CERTIFIED BY I-ACT Advanced Level and CERTIFIED BY NBCHT Advanced Level at Circle Of Life Healing Center, 912 Baca St Ste 5, Santa Fe, NM  87505. The teachers could not have been more lovely. Incredible teachers. They are now creating herbal botanicals.

As a young person in my twenties, colon hydrotherapy made complete sense to me. In New York City at that time, most practitioners were nurses practicing in chiropractic offices or out of their homes. It just always made sense to me, even at a young age. One wonders at these things on hindsight. No one I knew was doing any of these things and, in fact, my theatre friends were not much interested, but no matter, I was juicing, eating raw back-and-forth, often eating in an unbalanced way, i.e. too many nuts and dried fruit, mounds of carrot juice, but I was learning. When I finally decided to become a therapist, I felt it would be very intense work. I thought, well, it’s a match, l’m intense. Actually, ‘perception is all’. And that applies here as well. I no longer perceive it as an intense thing. You need to clean your house, so clean it. What’s the fuss.


A natural adjunct for my NUTRUTIONAL CONSULTATION AND PERSONALIZED DIET practice. What is unseen, what is individualized, what may be unique and specific to your needs. We can use and employ laboratory facilities to gain insight into what may be a sensitivity or allergy specific to your own personal needs. All part of the balancing. I have an incredible amount of information on this service. See this page in my menu.


In 1982, I was Licensed by the state of New York as a Massage Therapist having studied at the prestigious Swedish Institute in New York City. Our course of study was one year and 700 plus hours. A State Licensing Exam was required. I have been a successful massage therapist for twenty seven years. In California I gleaned a certificate in Thai massage and took a number of week end classes in various places.


1983 I was initiated into Reiki I and Reiki II in New York City. When I came to work for Gabriel Cousens as his assistant, I renewed my vows, so to speak, and took the work for Reiki I and Reiki II once again. An interesting thing happened to me as I received the initiation for Reiki II. That night, during my sleep, it felt exactly as though my spine was being worked on. Re-arranged. So much clicking around. It was profound at the time. I spent about a year doing Reiki III with Victoria Jayne who was initiated as a Master by Gabriel.

Unlike many present standards for attaining Reiki Certification and Reiki Masters. It took me the better part of a year to fulfill all the obligations. It made a huge difference.


I am a twice Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

I received Certifications in two places: The Muktananda SYDA Yoga Ashram in South Fallsburg, New York and the Shivananda Method at the Serenity Yoga Center on the Upper West Side of New York City. I taught at the latter for a number of years and it was my first experience tapping into ‘why I’m on the planet’. I adored Yoga. I still believe there is nothing like Yoga. I used to cry every single day when I was becoming an instructor. I was releasing. But ecstatic releasing. It was before I knew these experiences had names, such as : You are experiencing Kryias; You are experiencing Kundalini; and so on. I admonish you not to name things too much. It diminishes, when you put something in a box.

I was a wonderful Yoga instructor. I adore it to this day. I felt it washed and cleaned me. I felt it took my body apart and reassembled it closer to the person that I came on the planet to be. Yoga is an Evolved Science. Even when you do it minimally, it is beneficial. And that is, and continues to be, my experience.


So What’s an Ordained Essene? Actually Ordained Essene ‘Priestess’. I was proudly ordained by Gabriel Cousens, MD. ‘Priestess’ is not a term that relates to our present age. I prefer ‘healer’. The Essenes were the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls, they were the ‘therapeutae’ of their times, the healers. They go back far before Christ. They were likely raw fooders; they were non violent, absolutely; they were healers; and they made time for Creative work. They respected Angelic forces i.e. positive forces, forces of light. They created prayers to the Angel of the Water, the Sun, the Air, and so forth. Close to Nature.

In these modern times, there are religious organizations entitled ‘Essene’. One branch is bent more toward the Jewish persuasion, the other, Christian. Because Christ was an Essene. Christ was also a Jew. I do not embrace a ‘religion’. The Essenes were not a religion, as such.

I very much embrace the Essene ethic, however. The therapeutic, creative, non-violent, and dietary aspects of the Essenes. My relationship to the Essenes is that I honor them and identify with them. I am Spiritual and I am one of the therapeutae/healers. I am humbled by the identity. I am honored by the title. It is part of my heritage, as I see it. I bow before the Purity of ‘Intention’. It is an Identity and an Intention and a constant reminder of the distractions which surround us and how easy it is to drift so far away from this ‘Intention’. My deepest Nature, as it applies to you, my client, is as an Essene. With all the craziness and silliness, it is nevertheless all part of the ‘Stillness’ inside me. Still not perfect, and I get that the work is never done. I like that. It’s a relaxing concept. No need to ‘get somewhere.’

They respected Angelic forces i.e. positive forces, forces of Light. It is written that Essenes “…were very mindful of the names of the angels kept in their sacred writings.”

Essenes created Morning and Evening Communions. Prayers with the Angels: Angel of the Air, Angel of Life, Angel of Peace, Angel of Joy, Angel of Power, Angel of the Sun, Angel of Water, Angel of the Earth, Angel of Creative Work. I resonate with these Communions.

Google Edmund Bordeaux Szekely to find his beautifully translated Communions, also Gabriel Cousens.

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