The Actual Procedure: What happens?

Colon hydrotherapy is an effective, gentle and safe process that uses only pure water to gently bathe the five feet of large intestine. The treatment is performed while the client is comfortably laying on a table draped for privacy. Disposable tubing is attached to the machine and water is slowly and gradually infused into the client through the small tube attached to the speculum. When the client indicates that they have reached their point of tolerance, the water is allowed to flow out through the large tube attached to the speculum. This entire process happens while the client is comfortably relaxing and the waste material is contained entirely within the disposable tubing. It is a CLOSED SYSTEM so there are no unpleasant odors or exposed bacterial waste. There is a viewing tube where the client can see the waste product and this allows the practitioner to evaluate the feces and make recommendations to the client during or after treatment. Used in conjunction with a supervised NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM, this process allows for balance in the system to occur in a natural, safe and effective way. The goal is to provide a safe space for the client’s process to emerge while practicing respect and reverence at all times. A series of sessions is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and often yields remarkable results.

The Closed System

The system used at Petaluma Healing Arts & Rejuvenation Center is the CLOSED SYSTEM with its disposable tubes and fittings. This System (verses Open System) is CLEARLY PREFERRED in Healing Centers such as Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach; the Option Institute in San Diego and in Austin; Gabriel Cousins’ Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. and many others prefer the Closed System. The Edgar Cayce Center, in Virginia Beach, founded in 1931 (wow!), always insisted on the Closed System. Edgar Cayce is a hero of mine.

  • Preferred because water goes into and out of the body through tubes & fittings and
    moves directly into the sewer. As opposed to water moving openly (no tubing) into a
    vat. Odors are contained. Fluids and evacuation materials are CONTAINED within
    tubing. From this perspective, clearly the most SANITARY.
  • Preferred because waste materials are VISIBLE thru a glass VIEW TUBE on its
    way to the sewer. This enables assessment and analysis by the therapist for the
    benefit and education of the Client.
  • Preferred because water REMAINS longer in the colon in order to soak into the
    hard waste material. As opposed to being immediately flowing out or pushed out.
    The Closed System allows for more in-depth Hydration. Hydration is why you are
  • Preferred because the Practitioner is ALWAYS present and there is NO additional
    charge for that benefit.

Practitioner Presence & The Closed System

Is your practitioner always present without additional charge?
Here are the Benefits with the 100% presence of the Practitioner:

  • Abdominal Massage from a Licensed Massage Therapist to assist in loosening and releasing waste materials on the colon walls.
    Assistance with any physical discomfort during the session.
  • Application of Essential Oils if desired
  • Inspirational Support. A Therapist can answer any questions that may arise.
  • In the Closed System there is a View Tube thru which the client is able to view waste materials on its way to the sewer and, more importantly, the Practitioner is able to assess the presence of bile, mucus, fermentation bubbles that may indicate candida; as well as identifying worms, parasites (often microscopic).
  • If a client has had a Nutritional Session with the therapist, there is then the opportunity to elaborate in depth on materials evacuated and more adeptly clarify dietary recommendations.
  • Most Open Systems require additional fee for Practitioner Presence

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