Colon Hydrotherapy Protocol

The Colon Hydrotherapy Protocol according to Andreas “…done ideally, on the sixth (and final) day of preparation, helps to avoid or minimize any discomfort or nausea that may arise during the actual liver flush.”

Since he recommends not eating or drinking anything except water after 1:30 PM, it has always made sense to me that a colon hydrotherapy session would ideally be around 3PM (give or take), on the afternoon before the actual flush, which begins at 6PM.

Andreas makes this recommendation for the second colonic directly related to the flush: “This should ideally be done on the second or third day after the liver flush.” The reason: “If gallstones remain in the colon, they can cause irritation, infection, headaches,…These stones can eventually become a source of toxemia in the body.”

Added benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy: One aspect of the Flush, which may be a no-brainer, but which most clients seldom take into account: as we are cleansing the Liver and Gallbladder, we are simultaneously addressing and cleansing the colon. With equal benefits. And if you do the Kidney teas: that makes organ #4.

So, FOUR (count ‘em 4) organs at once being healed and rejuvenated, drug free, surgery free! Rejuvenation! Longevity Lady’s favorite word.