Grace’s Story

Grace’s Story with the Flush

I have done the flush seven times. I thought I had impossibly high energy before beginning, but upon completion, I feel morphed. I am more conscious. How? Insights bubble up easily and quickly. I am clearer minded, calmer, with more energy yet more grounded.

I’m physically stronger – at the gym at 5:30 AM for forty-five plus sweat pouring minutes on the elliptical. I feel more powerful than I did at thirty. (And I did the New York City Marathon at age 45, and adopted an infant at age 46.) Remember, I’m 72, oh yah! And, to guild the lily, Longevity Lady looks younger than she did last year. Ask my clients.

I have worked with many cleansing modalities over the years, but this was the most significant in a long while. Like Andreas says “Surgery”. The head shakes in amazement; the mind boggles in ecstasy. It’s so easy to laugh a lot. got grace? call grace fast!