Why Do this Program?

The liver is the Super Mom of the body! It has 600 functions, but if you take out the gall bladder, which some doctors will blow off as ” … you really didn’t need it”, then Super Mom’s got one more job on her plate.

Many people believe that gallstones can be found only in the gallbladder. Common assumption, but oops, wrong. Moritz brings to our awareness that “Most gallstones are actually formed in the liver, and comparatively few occur in the gallbladder.” Easy to verify: Have a liver flush after the gallbladder is removed. “The results of the liver flush speak for themselves.”

The liver works to deactivate the toxic materials that enter the body before they enter the blood stream. What exactly are the toxic materials we’re talking about? We cannot avoid them. To name a few: environmental toxins from every mode of transportation on the planet, pesticides sprayed on foods, toxic materials in dozens of household items, cosmetics, paints, paper products, petroleum distillates, fluoride, food dyes and coloring, molds, mildews, heavy metals, medications, recreational drugs, coffee, alcohol, processed foods, and much more.

If the liver cannot function optimally, poisons enter the bloodstream and create havoc in the body. All of these toxic materials multiplied by the years you have lived on the planet manifest into scores of possible symptoms.

Moritz recommends doing the flush every three or four weeks (varies in individual sensitivity/stamina levels) until you are stone free two consecutive times. Do yourself a favor: You want to embark on this journey having read the book. You will infinitely enrich your experience.