Intro to Nutritional Coaching


It has been my extensive experience that most people’s diets are a huge factor in their overall health. Suprisingly, individuals are often unaware their diets could use improving. I have seen problems such as depression, constipation, insomnia, allergies, exhaustion, and countless other issues as manifestations of dietary lifestyle practices.

Every program addresses: Moving to an Alkaline Diet-aimed at effective elimination as preventative medicine Balancing the percentage of each category of food is Key Upping the percentage of Raw Foods as is appropriate for the client Addressing how THOUGHTS become nutrition.

My emphasis is not on adding more things for you to take or do, but to eliminate what is not needed or what is detrimental. In Nutrition as well as Colon Hydrotherapy, this adage holds true:
Elimination = Illumination. A ‘less is more’ lifestyle is my goal for you.


Preparing a Personalized Alkaline & Elimination Diet

There is not a blanket diet for everyone. You have a specific Ayurvedic Body type and, additional to that, you are a specific individual ‘within’ any given body ‘type’. This is a service for the client as an ‘individual’ in transition to a healthier lifestyle.

We talk about your present diet and overall health, discuss your current needs, such as weight loss, increased energy, eliminating toxins, so forth. We begin with where you are and where you want to go. The protocol for you will begin with what is doable for you.

My diet for you will always stress alkalinity. Recommendations include suggestions of upping the percentage of raw in your diet while offering reasonable means for doing that.

It often happens that a person imagines they can get a quick fix with Colon Hydrotherapy. They are not realizing that proper colon function, long term, is ultimately facilitated by incorporating an alkaline diet that supports elimination. The two go hand in hand. Both are necessary.

Finally, we create goals and a plan to achieve those goals. We create your Vision. A lot of support will be coming for that. It will also include the Vision I hold for you. What’s that? Radiant Health, of course!


At 22 years, Megan is 25 pounds lighter and has a new lifestyle, not ‘diet’!


Nutrition is ‘Everything’ you take into your body-Grace Kingsley
I am speaking now, not only of physical environmental toxins, but of mental and emotional toxins. You are what you eat, but you are also what you think, believe, and vibrate. YOU ARE YOUR THOUGHTS. What are you thinking about all day long? What are you believing? It’s affecting you. It’s Nutrition!

What you do is miniscule in comparison with what you choose to think, because your vibration is so much more powerful and so much more important. -Abraham

As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is -Proverbs

Don’t be robbed of the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement of Life? Invest in your Dreams. Your body is Dying to Live! I can help. I’ve practiced for a hundred years. I’ve been in the mud and come up smelling like a rose. I want that for you. Radiant health is an inside job.