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In 1978, while Yoga at Serenity Yoga Center, upper West Side, New York City, we had an amazing guest, at that time a Super Star, but nobody knew it yet, not even him. This was Viktorus Kulvinskas (more below). He seemed weird looking to me and was doing strange things with raw veggies. I only had to observe briefly to know ‘This is it!’ I did not know what the heck he was doing, I just knew it was for me. This was the beginning of wheat grass, green juices, sprouts, raw food. I’m talking late seventies. He was moving the world. And I was there to witness. Nice memory. I was in the right place at the right time. Everything changed after that for me. I was on a new path. I would create this new path, this new environment in which to rear my daughter. I have pictures of her surrounded by trays of wheat grass. I must find them. I had two bathrooms in my New York apartment. One of them was devoted to hydroponically growing all kinds of sprouts. A five and a half foot tall set up in the bathtub; six drawers of sprouts, lights on the shower curtain rod burning 24/7. Kid you not.


With luminaries such as Gabriel Cousens – Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Brian Clement – Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Viktoras Kulvinskas – Hippocrates in Boston, Elaina Love, Cherie Soria, and James Reese (of personal assistance to my own balancing). I had taken so many nutritional classes and I became qualified to help persons with elimination diets, diets which are balanced for your Aurevedic body type, understanding how people with present intolerance for raw foods may learn to include more raw foods. And learning how to include smaller portions of steamed vegetables and — pending a client’s personal needs and preferences — small amounts of fish or poultry, possibly minimal specific low-mucus grains, etc, to find what works! Here’s my training:

Viktorus Kulvinskus

Co-founder with Ann Wigmore (mother of wheatgrass) of the original Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston. Viktoras taught Raw food Workshops at Serenity Yoga Center in New York City where I was an instructor. He was my first introduction to raw foods as a lifestyle. It was virtually unknown at that time. It was exciting and I bought it instantly.

Viktoras Kulvinskas is the author of the sensational, trend-setting, transformational, 70’s book: Survival into the Twentyfirst Century. Viktoras is a Star, a Hall of Famer. Thank you, Victoras, for years of service. Thank you for exciting, beautiful misty memories. You Rock!

Don’t miss following Video of my first teacher (mid ’70s). He speaks of heros Ann Wigmore and Norman Walker.

Formal Nutritional Training at Hippocrates Health Institute

West Palm Beach, Florida, under the directorship of Brian Clement.

The year they opened, I was there for over six weeks. Anna Marie had her 2 year old little girl in a play pen. Being brand new, and necessarily cheaper, I had this incredible room with a hot tub and lots of amenities. The classes were superb, Florida was a treat, all this raw food, juicing wheat grass, sprouts, implants, yoga, you name it, we did it. So much energy we were playing frizbe at 3 in the morning. Just BUZZING.

Assistant to Dr. Gabriel Cousens Author of Conscious Eating

Gabriel Cousens was my most influential teacher in terms of the Raw food lifestyle & some aspects of spirituality. He is, without reservation, the finest Raw Food guru/teacher in existence. He has done extensive work in many arenas. Thank you Gabriel. I’m honored.

When my daughter was four, I was looking to move out of the city. I adored New York, but raising a child as a single parent, you begin looking around for something else. I was in a book store in New York and Rainbow Diet by Gabriel Cousens dropped off the shelf, in that ‘way’, you know. It began everything. I read it, I called, he was giving work shops in the city or surrounding areas. I went to several, I hosted a Zero Point workshop, I asked him if he needed any help in Petaluma. The answer was yes, and we moved to Petaluma.

Participation in numerous of Dr. Cousens‘ Training Programs: Raw Food Preparation, Fasting Retreats, Nutritional Training, Reiki Training, Essene Training, Zero Point Training

Eventually Gabriel moved to Arizona to create Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. So, there I was in Petaluma. “Great place to raise kids” a man on the plane had said when I was flying out to live there, not knowing one thing about California. Talk about ‘going on Faith!’. Night sweats. High anxiety. Out on a limb. Far out. And so it goes and here I am.

Give yourself a treat. Watch his wonderful videos

With Cherie Soria: Two Raw Food Preparation Certifications,
Live Culinary Arts Associate Instructor

Cherie Soria is the Queen of Raw Foods, hands down. I have since taught many classes in Raw Food Preparation. At present, I have taken a hiatus from teaching as my plate is very full and some of us know the intensity of conducting a raw food preparation class! Oye! Perhaps this is why my former husband used to say that my favorite thing to make for dinner was… Reservations ;-> When we were married, he once surrounded the kitchen with yellow crime scene tape! In defense: my classes were actually fabulous (see testimonials). I am adept at putting on a good show, but it’s not where my passion is. When really good raw crackers came on the market, I was in deep ecstasy!

Elaina Love

Three Day Private Raw Food Preparation & Nutrition Training