Reiki Healing & Energy Work


Reiki is an Ancient form of Prayer

It is a process of focusing the electromagnetic field that surrounds us to restore the body to its natural balance. It works directly on a cellular level to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. As a form of prayer, it moves and works through the facilitator to wherever it is needed. As a treatment, Reiki stands complete on its own or used compatibly with other healing modalities.

In layman’s terms: Reiki, the Healing Touch, is Love, is Source Energy. The practitioner has the tools and training to awaken, enhance, and focus Source Energy, in a therapeutic setting. The practice is ethical, non-manipulative, and without attachment to outcome, or imagining “I am doing it”. I, Grace Kingsley, am not the Healer. I am trained as an effective vessel for the focus and flow of Heart centered Source Energy toward the person I work with, for the purpose of facilitating Balance. It is not my job to decide or assume to know what is out of balance or what the remedy might be.

It is the job of the Reiki practitioner to facilitate ReConnection with Source Energy for the purpose of Balance. The recipient may experience the disconnection as physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, but it is all the same thing: separation from our Source, God, Light, Divinity, the Force, or whatever you choose to name that Power.

How exactly do I facilitate this ReConnection? Along with the sincere Intention of the recipient, I apply my spiritual practices and effectively stay out of the way of an Energy I can only dream about emulating. I like this job. It is a good way to be a faithful servant.