Reiki Questions

Is Reiki safe? Reiki energy works only for the Highest Good of each person and can NOT cause harm. It is safe for anyone, pregnant women and children as well.

What is the main difference between Reiki and other Energy Healing methods? Some individuals may feel that “My Guru is better than your Guru”; I do not. I feel any legitimate Energy Work in which the recipient is sincere, and the practitioner is not manipulative, understands he/she is not the healer, does Spiritual Practices, lives a life style in which Spiritual evolvement is an important consideration, has my vote of confidence. The rest is personal chemistry.

Is Reiki a religion? It is not a religion. It is spiritual in nature, but there is no belief system required to have a successful treatment. What it does require is the recipient’s strong Intention for wellness.

What are Reiki Symbols? They are tools to facilitate ReConnection to Source Energy, and therefore, Balance.

Can Reiki be used on animals? Animals respond faster to Reiki than humans, and desire only well being and contentment. There is no agenda otherwise. They will 100% pick up a practitioner’s intent.

Can Reiki be used with other therapies? Absolutely. Very successfully complementing any therapy that has the mission of well being for any living thing. Reiki will enhance their benefits. Lighting everything up, like the auras of kirlian photography. It can support the balance of health care providers, as well as the patients. As a health care provider myself, I love to use Reiki coupled with massage and with everything I do.

Are there any sensations during or after the Reiki treatment? It depends on the individual. You might experience a variety of sensations or you might not have anything out of the ordinary occur. KNOW THIS: one is not better than the other. If there is an intention, and desire, and an open heart, nothing else matters. Examples of sensations during treatment: heat, cold, tingling, buzzing, relaxation, sleepiness, seeing colored lights, etc. It may happen also that the symptoms worsen after the treatment. Should this occur, it is the equivalent of physical detoxification. Things are moving and stirring whether you feel it or not.

Is there anything else I can do for my health? Yes, of course! Taking responsibility for your health. Be proactive! It takes both wings of the bird to fly: You and God. Pay attention to the obvious: diet, exercise, cleansing, your own personal Spiritual practices. Experiment and find out what works for you. Everything I offer at the Center is there to support Radiant Health. Radiant Health is an inside job!